Behold, Me. 

Behold… you! How beautiful you are! ❤️



It will hurt. 

It will be a burden. 

It will pain your bones to 

carry your thoughts 

-it will lessen 

You will endure 

You will survive 

Bent is not broken 

– It’s okay to have been numb 

But you’re alive 

And you’re fighting 

And you will



First Month Anniversary Post- The Answer to the Juggalo


The Answer to the Juggalo.
We are all the same, bear with me, that is true,
And that silken thread connects me and you..
I know that the night stretches on endlessly,
And the black is impervious, seemingly..
But there is light here, look within, look inside,
Even though it seems too much to abide,
You cry and cry, no one hears the wails
Every small success marred by perpetual fail,
It hurts to open your eyes,but hush dear,
Open your heart, listen up,look here..
While the blur distracts you, seems to be unquelled,
Im speaking of that which only Time will tell.
Stay strong, stand bold, Juggalo, be brave
The world we are in is a world depraved.
For the faith, for the love, looking around is no use
Is a sham, a mockery, a play played well, a ruse.
Live for yourself, and no one else, my friend
Is the only way out to any good end.
The dance whirls on, choose your song, your turn
Let yourself soar high even if you crash and burn.
Why are we here? i cannot answer, don’t know.
But solving that puzzle will raise you up, make you grow.
Living and dying, the world revolves uncaring
Let your world be you, rest unfeeling.
Sounds selfish, i know.. but not really, its not.
It’s just making sense of what all you’ve got.
Do what you want, not what’s expected by all,
Spread your wings and fly, soar with joy in free fall.
For the people who love you, hold them close, hold them near.
Yet losing yourself, not them should be your first fear.
For them who see not, don’t cringe from their rejection.
Its just that they’re unworthy of your affection
If its a shoulder you want ever, well,, here’s my hand,
Need someone to turn to? here we all stand.
The music plays on, let it warble, not lament
Heal yourself, let life stitch up those rents,
Smile through those tears, for no one else but you.
Find that elusive rhythm, hang on and hold true.
There are years and years stretching ahead of you,
Keep the faith my friend, walk out of this blue.
 I had not intended to post today, but one thing leads to another, and here we are. 🙂
This poem is from a few years back. I dug it out today, because I wanted to post it for a friend. This particular friend, who goes by frohan55 here, is exceedingly contemplative, and inspite his healthy questioning and learning way, I think sometimes when he looks into the darkness for answers, he forgets how he sparkles to those around him. We’re all like that, on occasion. It’s not wrong to want to plan, to map out a path. In fact, it’s the most sensible approach .But sometimes, we need to find a way to reconcile what we need to do, and what we want to do. We get so wrapped up in looking far ahead into the future, that we neglect to see what’s right in front of us… by extension, we forget to see within us.
  There is a multitude of voices in the world, and in that noise, in that jumble of thought, it’s so easy to lose that elusive rhythm of you.. So easy to lose the tune your heart strums. So easy to lose yourself. And it’s not easy to have hope. It’s not simple to keep a straight head some days, and let the your mind keep a rein on your heart. But it’s not impossible, either. It boils down to hanging onto yourself and never letting go. There is no one who deserves your love as much as you do. There is no one who deserves your respect before you. Your flaws and your fabulousness define you, they make you unique. You are unique. And you should remember that. You know who you are, my friend.
 No one’s life is scripted in black and white. Not even a zebra’s. It’s all a palette, with shades so variegated that no artist will ever successfully capture them on canvas. Our positive and negative experiences, our interactions, in the end, they are building blocks. It’s up to us, do we make them obstacles? Or do we let them be stepping stones, that will inevitably raise us to new heights?
   In fact, this applies to all of you, who are having a moment of self doubt. Life is fairly manic. It’s a wonder that some days we get one foot in front of the other. But we do. In the end, we survive, grow stronger, and walk on. I know that you will do just that. You will find yourself, you will walk out of this blue, and you will succeed.
  And I’ll be standing on the finish line with pompoms, doing the I-Told-You-So dance. 😀 😀
Love and light
PS. Had to add a postscript here. I’d like to send a ton of thanks to Paul  ( ) . Paul was kind enough to nominate me for the “Most Influential Blog Award of 2013″. I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve such an honor, especially coming from you. Regardless, this shall add a skip in my step for a long time. Thank you so, so much. 🙂 
                         That’s the award. (*does the conga around the room for a bit*)
 Also, it’s the our first month anniversay today! Woot!! And on this joyous and momentous occasion, I want to thank every person following me. I would thank you all by name and send you a muffin if I could, but no one seems interested in building a 4D portal. Anyhoo, thank you so, SO much. I am so grateful for the support, and for the fact you take time from your crazy hectic schedules and read what this ol loon has to say. Thank you so much!! Group hug time!!!!
😀 😀 😀