Chester Bennington no more 

I’m not sure how to process any of this yet, but it’s official. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, is no more. Linkin Park, is no more. A portion of the wall of the world has crumbled, and fallen on our heads. 
We spent the better part of yesterday dismissing it as a hoax, but it’s been confirmed by most of the outlets and the band members. 

Could we ever stop loving him? Probably not. I don’t know what good could come of this except.. I hope you’re at peace, Chester. 
Never, ever forgotten. The Man who kept me alive so many nights. 
Rest In Peace, Chester. 


Someone I Met While Walking



Someone I Met While Walking
(Chalte chalte, yuhin koi mil gaya tha) – Kaifi Azmi
“Walking along aimlessly, I
Met a stranger, while on my journey
Walking along aimlessly
And my night stopped, where I met him
My night stopped in a heart beat, where I
Met a stranger, while on my journey

The things I could not say were
Shouted at us, by all of society
Shouted at us, by who could see
My story had become a fable
My story had become a fantasy
Just walking along aimlessly

But the eve draws to a close
It will end, I know it will
The length of time it spans
Is slowly becoming still
-These lamps are burning, are extinguished
Those lamps are burning, are extinguished
All the lights are going out, do you see?
They are burning in step with me
Walking along aimlessly

I met a stranger, while on my journey
Walking along aimlessly
Walking along aimlessly”



Day 30! Last day of NaPoWriMo, and I thought to close it this year with a Bollywood themed bang. The prompt today was to translate a poem to English. I picked a poem by the Indian Urdu poet, lyricist, and philosopher Kaifi Azmi. This particular poem is a song in a well known Bollywood movie as well (from 1972, but hey, classics are classics).

So the story is this- A young girl sold into prostitution meets a stranger on a train. The stranger does not know that she is a prostitute, and the encounter changes her life forever.

If you like the song, check out a dubbed or subtitled version of the movie as well. It’s full of subtle and nuanced performances. After all, you never know, you could meet a stranger who changes your life forever too. :p



NA! PO! WRI! MO! – OUT! 😀





Truly, Madly, Deeply

Truly, Madly, Deeply

There was this one song I heard, when I was twelve.

The minute I heard that song, on the radio no less, something just clicked inside me. And I fell in love with love. A twelve year old has no idea what love is, really. But all I knew was that love is something that I’ll be able to define with someone, some day.

I heard it that one time, and by some bizarre fluke, again the next day. I was too glassy eyed to have the presence of mind to catch the name, so I couldn’t find it. And I lost my love song.

Till I found it, in high school. Bought every album the band made, bought their solo albums when they split up. Not many people have heard of them, strangely enough. But that song has been on every music player I’ve owned till now, from my Walkman to my iPod. It always sat there, waiting patiently, for the days when I needed a reminder that I could have love too, some day.

Till the other day when I was sitting at the bar with him, and it started playing overhead. Smack bang between random heavy metal songs, there was this one single, sweet serenade, that seemed to be singing straight to me. And I just held his hand, and sat there with fireworks going off inside my head and my heart melting with the words, because it was true. It was finally true and it’s finally, finally true.

I’ve actually found someone who completes what my every definition of love has been. I didn’t need a song playing while he squirmed and made faces at me to tell me that, but god damn, what a confirmation. And I don’t care if we do the crab walk down the aisle ten years from now, twenty years from now, or never at all. I just know what I know.

Truly, madly, deeply. I love you.

To The Violinist

To The Violinist

To be trapped within
A wall of sound
Is a sort of agony
Captured, enraptured,
Your violin draws across
my heartstrings
Blossoming ecstasy
And blood
A flood
Of images
That rush across my eyes

Won’t you let me keep suffering
Your music?
Please keep me


House of Blues


House of Blues

The lone sax weeps, in the corner of the room
Across from where we sit, nursing our drinks
The world sinks
Between the notes
Lost within the motes of dust
And smoke

We listen, mesmerized
Whisper amidst glances of
Barely concealed love, voices
Rusty from disuse
Let this night play on forever
You and me, together, in
The house of blues


House of Blues- image used with permission from Ashish-
thank you ❤