Day Four- A Piece of the Sky 

Day Four- had a downpour!

There’s something so irresistibly cheery about Summer rains. 🙂

Unfortunately I can’t share the videos I took, here. If you can, though, pop over to my instagram account and check them out- @calliopes_lyre_ 
What’s made you happy today? 

Love ❤️

Lessons In Fall

Pink, velvet soft, blushing, misbegotten
Dirt stained, so many flowers lay
The sidewalks were carpeted, the
Alleys were filled
Rosy teardrops strewn
all over the world
For whom have these flowers blossomed?
To be thrown away,
what have they sinned?
Why did they grow, so painstakingly slow
To be this chagrined?
Were they for us? Did we forget
To witness their beauty, before age and neglect
Set in?
Or am I seeing this the wrong way
– could it be
We owe it only to ourselves
Not for the world to see
It doesn’t matter who
turns away blindly
We all grow, so painstakingly slow
We are
Alive, and warm, and dirt stained
And I bloom
Only for me?


‘Allo peeps. I’ve been away wayyy too long. Got some stuff sorted out, got some more sorting out to do- but I’m back! There’s a Cookie dispenser in ye corner, and a stack of poems over ye, and free hugs right here! ❤

Sidewalk Daisies 


Walk with me, searching happily for

A sliver of of unpolluted sky 

A daisy pushing through the cement 

A salty wisp of wind, seaward sent 

Between the billboards screaming

 for attention, I know

The pale drowned moon catches your eye 

There is still music here, amidst the honking 

Still graceful greens, in the flaunting 

Storefronts, I know you see

These things still retain clarity, for 

You and me

Getting drunk off experiences will 

Always be headier than

Merely getting drunk, will 

We’re like an endangered species, hiding

In this concrete jungle 

Sidewalk Daisies 





Stupid bug
On my bed
Go crawl on the
Floor, instead.
I already have buzzing
Inside my head

Burrowing beetle
Thoughtflies hum and
Make no sense
Buzz buzz buzz

Twinkling lights-it’s
Almost dawn
Neighbor’s cat yowls
On my lawn
-You’re nearly in my hair
Come closer if you dare
Ill squish you, bug, I swear

Carry on, bug
Carry on



I actually don’t mind bugs, but when you’re trying to fall asleep, a green yellow beetle who wants to sing you the song of his people is not a good roommate.


To a man who fell in love with the ocean 

There is nothing but promise, in the waves 

Immersion and supplication are the same

The shore is unsatisfying safe  

To be one, to be undone in the sea 

To love, to be loved, to be free 

The waters’ depths stir visions 

Only a lover’s eyes can see  

Maelstroms of madness and faith 

Storms are not fury, but passion 

The clouds are castles, cathedrals- not wraiths 

The darker the sky, the more looser 

The inhibitions 

The winds toss and writhe restlessly 

A man who falls in love with the ocean 

Can look past the destruction, to beauty

Horizons are milestones, sunsets, sunrise  

Stars are encrypted words

To scream from the edge of the decaying cliffs 

Torn in self doubt, if the ocean has even 

Even heard 

Answers… Cannot be wrested 

Capricious, she may answer, yet silently 

He cannot breach the surface

He cannot reach, touch her face 

For he must breathe 

Drown if he must, but that is all the fulfillment 

A man who fell in love  

Will get, from loving the sea 





storm sky


Who do I hold responsible, for this summer’s sky’s rage
A fortress of clouds, imprisoned storms in a cage, of
Trapped vortices of fury, pinpoint pillars of shame
Teetering columns sway, against lights aglo, inflamed
By the whims of the sun, dropping groundwards in repose
The clockwork mechanisms undone by this sudden, grandiose
Bellicose display of temper, the winds mutinous, belligerent
Contentiously buffeting the trees, threatening, wild, truculent
While the thunderclouds swell ominously, pushing to burst in their bondage
Who do I hold responsible, then, for this summer’s sky’s rage?



Written for the Doubles prompt, Day 15 of NaPoWriMo. 
Here’s to riding out the storm. Cheers. 🙂

Lotsa wuvs,

The Flower (I know, I know..) :p 

Do not begrudge the flower a handful of love A square inch of soil, a fistful of light 

Water it with years if you can, borne of 
Every moment the world grew too dark, or too bright 

Let the shimmering ache take form and break free 

Let the flower take away the burden on your sight 
Watch the bud unfurl, bloom as it smilingly

Eats the pain away- the thorns feed the rose 

Till it blackens and dies, the flower 

Will love you only 

The Flower

Day Eight, and my attempt at Terza Rima. 🙂 i know I should’ve thought of a better title than the completely unoriginal ‘the flower’, but well, it’s been an odd day. 
Cheers, guys ❤