Day 30- Learning Selfishness 

And finally, day 30! Last poem for NaPoWriMo! We’re here! 🙂
So, I promised to end on a happy note- I think this one’s a happy ending. 🙂
I’m going to spend the next few days catching up on all the NaPoWriMo goodies I missed! If you have a special poem stashed away, please do tag me! I’d love to read it! 🙂
Thirty days of poems! This year, my fourth, was an absolute blast! Here’s three cheers for everyone who stayed with me all month! You’re awesome! 
Hip hip HURRAH! 
Hugs and kitten-bucketful mugs,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Cookie Monster

(Or, you know, just yusra) ❤️


The Best Ever Backyard Picnic!!!



My bonkers backyard has lately been invaded by an entirely welcome presence. Since the past week or so, a mixed sort of flock of birds has been showing up every day to scrounge for crumbs in the yard. Now, ‘tiny’ is almost a misleading term. The lot of them, about 10-15 birds, are a nice assortment of what google tells me are Wrens and Warblers, with the occasional sparrow tagging along. They’re barely palm sized (and if you’ve seen my hands you know how tiny that is!). They more than make up for it in sheer insistence though. Singing and chattering and arguing and basically being as noisy as it’s humanly possible to be, starting mid morning to well into the day.  It’s rather adorable really, but I’m going to say that very, very quietly, ’cause my cats are sitting right here looking very disgruntled and feeling sorry for themselves.

It turns out that the birdbrains, whom I’ve named The Twits, have quite a wicked sense of humor. They’ve been driving the cats fairly insane all week long.  Not only do they flit about their heads in a tempting way that drives the kitties hopping mad, but they know what they’re doing too. Two of them simultaneously dive bomb the confused kitty, or one of them swishes by in the middle of a pounce, completely throwing the cat off. They know exactly what they’re doing, with all these cunning aerial tactics. I swear, the day the cats get organized too, there’s going to be a full blown war in my backyard.

Well, as it happens, today there weren’t so many crumbs to be found in the little corner where the flock… flocks.  Not that it saddened them, they just argued more insistently and a couple flew into the house too (Bird mafia, I tell you… ). So Mum decided that she’ll throw them a picnic party, and she sprinkled an assortment of omnoms near the corner of the Brook  (it’s  a trickle running across the yard but very there despite it’s size). So! Food, fresh flowing water, a pile of twigs to play in and a low hanging branch. Bring on the festivities!!!! =D





Oh and as if they weren’t enough, the commotion brought a wee mouse out from somewhere.  He was supremely unconcerned, walking through the birds to his choice of food and scurrying back to the twigs to eat them. I caught him washing up later too. 🙂




So! That was my impromptu backyard picnic!  Hope you liked it!!! =D

Oh and this was the evening sky. The weather’s just been too beautiful to resist clicking. 🙂


Lemonade and cheers!

Cookie ❤

Here’s to Perfect Days!!! =D


Best friends are the best!

Some days, they’re just perfect.

Get up and see the sweetest smile on earth, smiling just for you.

Get out of the house and have an absolutely amazing time with an absolutely amazing friend. The kind who makes the stupidest, most mundane day turn incredible, just by being there.  That kind, yep.

Get back home past the point of exhaustion and fall asleep watching the same beautiful smile, and listening a voice so loving, the angels could weep.

Some days, they make you feel truly blessed.

Hope you have a blessed day too. I just had mine. 🙂


Cookie ❤




PS. A, so I’m officially making this the song.


A One Day Vacay!


Guess who has a one day break from exams and psychos? 😀 😀 😀  Yep, me, lol. Here’s what I’m listening to today. Feel free to sing along, as tunelessly as you please! 😀 😀


Feel free to add more songs in the comments! Have a great day, y’all! 😀


Cookie ❤

The Morning Ride


The Morning Ride


Out the moving train window I see
The trees nodding, waving away merrily.
Branches dotted with so many many greens
That no artist could ever have thought of, or seen,
A red brick house uphill standing tall
Daubed all year round in the colors of fall,
Wide open endless blue reaches of sky,
Cotton woolly fluff bunnies up high,
A lone white sheep grazing in the lush grass,
Rows of chrysanthemums on the overpass,
The odd car pulling up aside in the lane,
Companions for a moment and then lost again,
A spatter of rain from a mischievous cloud,
Spanked by the wind and then properly cowed,
Blows away giggling quiet as a feather,
A part of today and then lost forever.


Okay so I cheated a bit. I didn’t take a walk, as the prompt suggested. But the next best thing was a connecting train ride with an amazing view, so here you have it!  🙂

Love and light,

Cookie ❤

PS.  We hit 250 followers yesterday, and by happy coincidence it was also our fiftieth post. Fifty!!! I feel like an extra caffeinated cat on catnip!!!


Thanks so, so much guys!!! PARTY TIME!!!!      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀




well, cake anyway! =P

So cake and hugs all around!!! Two Hundred and Fifty of them!!!! 😀 😀