Day Sixteen- Weighted Breaths

Day sixteen – Weighted Breaths, for th and prompt, ‘balloons shaped like anchors’. 

We’re in the second half already! How time flies!

How’s your April going?


Yusra ❤️


Duet Duel!

Me and Jaeger over at are having a duet duel! For this, we post on each other’s blogs till a winner is decided! I’m about to send him my first repartee, but before I do that, here is Jaeger’s opener!



I soft bellow sweet

In sunset so yellow teeth

Gone spent by

Like doubt

Running motifs dry

I soft bellow sweet

And open my rib cage

In a lot all neat

As alone as poem

I remove my heart

To go at the world smitten

With cool art

As telling or show it

A tiny poem written

By a timid poet

And I soft bellow sweet

A told response rest

To pass a good test

And work at living

Before my unwanted death





Be sure to check in for my response! The midweek madness begins! 😀