seem to come and go
They drift like mist
Past my eyes
I’ve realized, though
I’ve only ever needed
To love one person
For all my life

It’s you
It was always


the state, fact, quality, or condition of being singular.

a point at which a function takes an infinite value, especially in space–time when matter is infinitely dense, such as at the centre of a black hole.

That makes perfect sense… ❤



Winter came by today
He thought to preserve me
Cover me, in frost and snow
So that I’d have nowhere to go
Foolish child
Little does he know
There is ice around my heart
With no thaw

My nerves are raw
I walk barefoot, flesh peeling away
Abandonment has eaten me
I am decayed
This winter holds me fast, my last
There will be no other
Already my eyes have begun to



A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words

You come back exhausted
But still take me for a smoke
You let me ‘borrow’ your sandwiches
Even steal your coke
(and your clothes)
I know you’re tired
even if you don’t say it
Those silent gestures make me
Appreciate you, all the more

You nick my cigarettes
play with my hair
You let me live happily
In your personal space
Something no one gets to share
you seem to like me there

After the number of times
you show me
In a day
In each day
How much you care
The one time I say ‘I love you’ out loud
Doesn’t even compare


Cold – III

Cold- III

There is death
In lifeless emancipation
In cold, blue lips and
Clouded eyes
That see into the farthest reach
Of nowhere- there is death there

In rot
The sweet, sweet smell of decay that
Overpowers you
In graying, yellowing skin
In shriveling, in bloating
In a rictus mask, a grimace
Locked in an eternal stare
There is death there

Where the chest will not whisper of air
No, the heartbeats have long unpaired
This is death, we know
Anyone can see
But there is too a passing
Of the mind
Where Hope is overtaken, over time
By agony
Being alone
Being left alone

It permeates the stilled veins
Just as easily

You cannot see
No one can see
But I fear
I hold that death
Inside of me

© CM