Why don’t they sing of
moonlight madness?
Of clutching your hair, swaying
In the impenetrable darkness, below
A black sky, heedless
Of the wet grass, of your wayward steps
Driven utterly feckless by
The music of the hollow eyed
Starving night
This must be how the sirens learnt their wailing
Crooning dumbstruck sailors to their doom

Look, my hands are empty and
My blind eyes overflowing, yet
My feet follow some unknown tune
Thrumming in my veins, my bones
This song of a sky with no moon





The air is magic
Static, electric
Sparks flying between earth and
Hidden perfumes pulse
Amidst turns of secret winds
Throwing columns of invisible
Incense, up high

The curious intoxication pours
In the guise of summer showers, and
Ocean breezes,
From where salt and water meet

Stop for a moment


Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit

I stood in the wet grass
with the wind whipping my hair
the stars glittering fiercely
A whirlwind of frenzied motion
But the world has
the dust danced around me
Mingled with the angry
Pelting drops
Reveling in the magic
The promise of imminent disaster
And glory
Glass shattered, lights exploded
And they all succumbed to the wrath
As I stood in the storm
Bowed in submission
And rebellion
Drenched in mindless

The city cowers indoors tonight
Hiding away from the rain
And I,

I am not afraid


All For Me


All For Me

The house next door
A hunched over tree
These are the every day sights I see
Nothing special
Nothing magical, really

But when it rains, and
the storm begins?
And rivulets soak me through
to my skin
The world is painted
in silver and blue
And I dance in the lightning,
I dance
as if
with you,
As if
at the center
Of a thunder tossed sea

And it’s all for me
It’s all for me

© CM




I stand
In the freezing rain
The drops pelting my face
The wind rattles
Blows through my bones
Numbing my touch
My thoughts
I cannot see
I cannot hear
Under the sheer
My senses
Are under
My mind’s alit
In shards of lightning
Falling through
The rolling thunder

I am frozen
I am ecstatic
A roiling mass of
Nerveless bliss
The rain begins
Where I end
Heaven can’t be
Better than this

In that moment
Love and lovelessness
Icy euphoria
All accrue
And burst in me
I’m cold, and wet,
And deliriously happy

Today even the rain
Tastes of you


I wonder if you know what goes on in my head.

You barely know I’m here. Something or the other has caught your eye and you’re lost working it out… And I’m lost, working you out.

Can you feel the weight of my eyes on your face? Its not like I’m averting my gaze. On the contrary, I’m trying to commit you to memory. Unabashedly, fix you in my thoughts with the permanence of having loved, having you.

It’s almost as if I’m feasting on your presence. Small glances that only heighten my desire to stare at you openly, your eyes. The curl of your lashes, the little crinkle in your forehead, the way you purse your lips and nibble at them when you work. I know the silhouette of your cheekbones better than I know mine.

I could spend hours planting kisses in the hollow where your jaw meets your ear.

I know those hands, those warm, soft hands. I’ve held on to them in sanity and insanity, and everything between. They’ve held me, those hands, they’ve held me even when I didn’t have you, but I doubt you know that. I doubt you know what goes on inside my head.

You’re like a symphony. A rhapsody playing itself out, and every time that I’m close enough to touch you, the crescendo builds loud enough to stop my heart in its paces. There’s violins and cellos and bass that thrums through my bones. Everything you do is music. Everything you do is magic.

And I am utterly, irrevocably, enraptured.

I answered the siren’s calls and threw myself against the rocks, and went laughing to my death. Only the raving know the delirious ecstasy that madness is…

My eyes are almost closing, I could be asleep. Except that no dream will compensate for losing a chance to drink you in with my eyes. You’re a dream painted in all the white liquors, but you taste like whisky. You’re far more potent though, because you get me drunk off life.

I could get drunk off just watching you.

My pen slips and rolls a little, and you look up in surprise. I freeze, afraid that the glance might shatter this unspoken moment. Only when you look back down to your work, do I finally breathe a sigh of relief. I’m writing half legible words that flit unbidden into my head. I write, and write, and write. I cannot empty my head of you.

You stretch, and smile guilelessly at me lazing beside you. I’m just sitting here, dozing for all you know. I doubt you could ever see why or how much I love you. You’ll never be able to fully understand what goes on inside my head.

Probably, neither will I.

Your very bonkers

Cookie ~