Sands In The Sky


Sands In The Sky

Don’t you realize why
I need to touch you?
I have to confirm your existence
With my hands
Understand that
What I feel for you is
Not only more numerous
Than every grain of sand
Even if you manage to
Put them all together
Remember, to look up high
Don’t forget to count the
Sands in the sky





I walked there in the yard
at the stroke of midnight
Barefoot over the dewy grass,
Smoking in the moonlight
The sky is crowded with clouds
In alien, indecipherable runes, but
I don’t care
I know
Some place, somewhere
You’re standing
Under the same moon…

© CM

The sky is a fantasy come to life tonight, with vibrant blue and green halos wrapped around a pale, pale moon. =)




The moon never ceases to
inspire me
Its luminescence
Its undeniable pull
Compelling me
It singularly focuses
All my attention
It will not be denied

Pale, silvery orb of dreams
Fixed in the center
Of the midnight blue sky

I suppose the only time
I can tear my gaze
And my thoughts
Is when your magnetic field
And I tide to you instead

But with you,
Even more lit
From within,
Am I


Day Fourteen of NaPoWriMo! And almost halfway through the month, I hit 200 posts on Calliope’s Lyre!

Supermegasquishtacklehugs all around!!!!!

Buckets o’ love,

Cookie ❤




I sat and watched the stars come alive
Dance, spinning endlessly in place
Tear drop like nimbuses of light
Dance and break away, away
Swoop down giddy in their brilliance
Throbbing, searing my burning pulse
Fevered, my brow, glittering eyes
Gleaming, glowing in the dark so full

Glowing, and I danced, in drunk delight
Drunk in that maddening rush of joy
Every nerve aflame, every vein alight
Dancing with the drunk stars up high
Stepping on comets, trailing blue fire
Skipping moonbeam to gold moonbeam
The stars and me soared ever higher
To pinnacles of thought, to seen, unseen
Past all what is and all what was lost,
To what hadn’t even yet been…

There, on that undying black shore
I counted the pebbles, knots, the streams
Disappearing into the vast azure
Trickling down magic into my dreams
Trickling, stray smiles, stray pulses of light
Dancing, the stars, red in my veins
I closed my eyes, one with the dancing stars
Some day, maybe soon, I will dance again…


Even days apart, my best friends are those pinpricks of light who flit about, leaving me smiles, before the dreams set in.

You are my stars. ❤

Love and light,

Cookie ❤

Her Blue Eyes


Her Blue Eyes

The owner of those blue eyes
Is so, so far away
Walking in veil, disguised
In glorious disarray
They darken to a storm when
A hought furrows her forehead
That isn’t in good form, and
Near navy striae shed
A tiny pearly tear, but
So quickly wiped away,
My owner of blue eyes will
Not show her weakness stray
And sometimes shot with lapis,
And sometimes so azure,
My Blue eyes golden sparkles
Despite what she endures

And to that lady, blue eyed,
This is all I can say,
You’re beautiful, my dear friend,
Blue eyed or not, it stays
Your heart is what announces
That your voice shines so blue,
As just a side, complement
To the wonder of you..


Day 28 of NaPoWriMo, and today’s prompt calls for colors. A poem all about colors! Funny then that I wrote this poem almost exactly a month ago, for a very special blue eyed lady. =)

Sometimes bad things happen to us when we least expect them to. On the flip side, sometimes great things happen to us right out of the blue. And just sometimes, if we’re very lucky, great people happen to us too. My Blue Eyes is a girl who I’m blessed to know. In fact, she’s one of those people who everyone she knows is blessed to know. =)

I won’t tell you who she is, since I don’t plan on sharing her (muahahahaha!) the only clue I’ll give away, is that she’s my very own Hail’s Bells! =)

Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

Blue to you too, from a very very blue

Cookie ❤

It looks a lot like… Rain!!!!




It Looks a Lot Like…. Rain!!



So many clouds are overhead
It almost looks like night
The distinct lack of shadows is
A disconcerting sight,
You’d think that noon is hotter and
The temperature’s insane,
But you’d really never guess it,
It looks so much like rain!


The yard is full of stretching cats
Eyeing me balefully
When the first of the drops will land
(Rain is such a bully)
They’ll be turfed off into the house
Chorussed yowling refrain
The cats aint got no place outside
When it will start to rain


The dog and me are perfectly
Happy to jump about
Him barking and me, barking mad
(hey, who let the dogs out?)
Already my pajamas have
Paw prints and grassy stains
But madness is forgivable
When it’s so much like rain!


The sky is full of steel wool that’s
Buffetted here and there,
The crazy wind’s pushing us all
Without giving a care
The leaves are all whistling about
Falling on roofs and drains
And all the trees are dancing too,
Look! It’s starting to rain! =D







Day 20 of NaPoWriMo! There’s an amazing prompt today, but I’d already written this so heeeeere we are! 🙂


Also, as promised, here are my questions for my Liebster Award nominees! 🙂



1. Why do you write, and when did you first start writing seriously?

2. What are your favorite books and authors, and why?

3. What is your favorite color?

4. Who was your first crush? (Oh yes, I’m very nosy) 😛

5. What was the last thing you saved up to buy? Unless you’re loaded, in which case, what was the last thing that you were excited to buy?

6. What do you like most about yourself?

7. If there was something you could change about the world, what would it be?

8. Who would you say changed your life, by coming into it or leaving it?

9. What is your most precious possession?

10. Tell us a secret about you. A personal quirk or naggy habit that no one knows. 🙂

11. If there is something that you could’ve written, any book or poem or short story, which one would it be and why?


Aaaand that’s all, folks! Have a great day! 😀





Cookie ❤