Messages Off a Cigarette -LXIII- 



On the Rocks- II

On the Rocks -II

I plead not guilty
In my defense
Another glass of whiskey
Only makes sense
Not only does it burn
As it goes down
But, I’ll be dashed on the rocks
It’s also the best way to drown


A Devil of a Drink

A Devil of a Drink

We sat down for a drink,
My demons and I
And a few fiery golden glasses in
We all agreed
-It was openly decreed
That I’m leading them all into Sin

Can’t argue with that, they tell
Me, I’m booked on a
One way trip to hell, see
My sorrow and self destruction
Have made me a celebrity
A legend, even, something
Of a fable

I’m just saying, if he gives me a call
As long as he brings the alcohol
Satan’s more than welcome
at my table

‘Messages Off a Cigarette’


On the Rocks

On the Rocks

I can never seem to earn
Your free smile, unless
We’re at the bottoms of
Our cups
It’s a conundrum, because
You are a constant wonder
But when you’re sober,
It’s tough
To understand if I’m at fault,
grating on your nerves, or
You’re simply feeling a bit
Either way, if it takes a river
Of whiskey,
Flowing through the rocks, till
It’s empty,
For us to laugh together

Bottoms up