Earn it, or.



If I knew any better, I’d see you starry eyed.  
Instead of laughing at your wit and sharing our mutual disparagement of an abundance of topics, instead of reading your work out loud in my head as I know you do mine, and having the full satisfaction of understanding as much as being understood, of being as hopeless and defeated a romantic as me- of being as defeated by your own intellect and perception as me- instead of the realization of these things, if only I had wonder instead, I could love you. I would love you. I would love you with the potency of our singleminded writing, the intensity of furrowed brows stringing words in breathing sequence, in the light of quiet sunsets of two people who understand- god, who understand! I could love you- I could! 

If only I could.  

I look at you, as you look at me. Two people who should but are plainly not meant to be. We stand on two neighboring shores, you chasing your ocean and me, drowning in mine. We hold hands in our solitude, both alone together, with love to find, and love to divine.  

Till another time,

Cookie ❤ 


Hiraeth. A welsh word for a lost home that can never be returned to. 

I’m curious, though, why the feeling is present strongly enough in the welsh, for them to have a word for it. I know precious little about them- maybe one of you could explain why?

Or maybe, they just recognized something so many people ache for, and cannot precisely name. 

A lost home. Homes lost in people. Homes lost on people. Loss. 
Still finding, 

Yusra ❤️


We created a stone, you and I
Buried deep within me
Fed it from my blood, nurtured it
with your caring
Day by day, we willed it to bloom
In hopes of harvesting happiness
From its cold surface
We thought that I
Was birthing a world
Just hiding in my shadow

But we created a stone
And it was lifeless
Shouldn’t we have known that
It would never grow?


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The softly blushing expanse of skin
of your neck, tells me stories
Thrills that thrum through your veins to mine,
Unspeakable mysteries
Messages that shake the
Foundation of my being
Premonitions, visions, you are
A puzzle with no clues
But your breath hitches
As I splay my fingers
And hold you
And in inexplicable understanding
My heart races too
You’d reveal nothing to my everything
But I know- your eyes do
What passes between us is not heard

I can’t stop reading you
You’re a book with no words



(C) CM



We walked, I knew not where
On the lips of the abyss we stood
Climbing, bleeding hand and foot,
Through the deepest of woods
Indeed, through the wraithing hollows themselves we fared
We walked,
I knew not where

The creatures wept at our passing
Pawing, kneading, grovelling,
They sheathed their claws and slavered- no
We forged ahead despite them,
There was still a long way to go
Past dyng echoes, till
The rivers ran out- we did not stop or despair
We still walked, I knew not where

And then the sand swallowed our shadows whole
The ground rolled like searing drops of gold
The wind howled, demented, but he still held my hand, and
We walked to a darkness no blazing sun could withhold
And the rocks yawned wide, the
Depths eddied like riptide
And the ground stood proud defender of the
Malice buried inside
And he showed me where he had lain
Whatever of my demons remained
And I knew, oh I knew,
I need never weep again
Because everything that had hurt me was
Entombed, forgotten, there
And I was free to walk, unscathed,
Anywhere, everywhere

And he walks with me still
Quietly watching, unassuming,
Holding my hand, my angel













And again the Lord said to Raphael: “Bind Azazel hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert, which is in Dudael, and cast him therein. And place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there for ever, and cover his face that he may not see light.”

The Book of the First Enoch, 10:4–6


/Just a bit of inspired reading. You guys know me and my thing for angels. :p


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