Clarities, in startling rapidity.

It’s remarkable how much gratitude will let you see. ♥️



I had the oddest urge to write in iambic pentameter. That sounds ridiculously pretentious, no matter which way I try to phrase it. >.+


Let me be verbose

in this world of

shrinking attention spans

Flickering screens, flicking hands

I can’t stem the flow

It’s my veins singing

pulsating the inking

All these songs of me for you

All these songs of me, for you

These songs of you, for me

These songs of irregularities

of patterns in the matrix I fell through

of stuttered heart beats

Let me sing, love, let me sing

Projectiles verse from fingertips

Tactile, light sensitive fear

insomnia spills from numb lips

onto stray easels left bedside

Paint, pen, phone, crayon, still soft clay

Creation does not well limit

Into boundaries of reason

Rather on the edge of whim

of fancy, of breathless exhaustion,

Bodies replete with attempting

to manufacturing more living for

nightmares in the making

destinies unshaped

We have our muses, mediums, in

our own skewed tastes

Let this one be

mine, unfettered, stray

unbridled, free

Let me write you

my irreverent, formless






Ripples | Yusra