Day 20- Ashes In My Veins 

Bit of a happy coincidence today. It’s 4/20, plus the poem I started in my head, synced up nicely with the prompt for today, ‘ashes in my veins’, and the 4/20 mentions. 
And another post for Messages off a cigarette. It’s been a while. 🙂
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Keep it 

Day Sixteen- Weighted Breaths

Day sixteen – Weighted Breaths, for th and prompt, ‘balloons shaped like anchors’. 

We’re in the second half already! How time flies!

How’s your April going?


Yusra ❤️

Day Eleven- Terms And Conditions Apply 

Terms and Conditions Apply 

What I carry behind me 

Ghosts and dead beautiful things 

Pieces of lives unlived 

Nothing that could forgotten be 

Is what I carry behind me

Where I must go from here 

Is not a place, but a person

Better to become, lesser to become 

Simultaneously more

That in myself to instill and revere 

Is not a place, but a person

Where I must go from here 



Handcuffed yet


I drag my past with rabid glee

It is not of anything else 

But myself that 

I must become free 



For the prompt, #yourefreeyourefreeyourefree. Day Eleven of NaPoWriMo! What have you all been up to? 🙂

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Day Ten- Three, Two, One… 

I’d like to think that I’ve outgrown this phase of my life. You know, when you’re young, and incidents like this haunt you for days. Getting older has helped me become remarkably thick skinned. Sometimes, some things manage to pierce through, though.
I like to think that I’m unafraid. That I’m stronger, ballsier, in-fucking-destructible. Maybe I am, sometimes. Other times, I am not. When I stay up at night, after all the lights are off, and then sit on my bed in the dark and comb my hair, I am not. In that moment I am back to being a scared sixteen year old, who’s father cut her long hair off because it might attract boys. I forget to look in the mirror while getting dressed sometimes. Because somewhere, I’m still that girl who never had a full length mirror in the house, because she wasn’t supposed to think about her appearance. 

I’m still that girl who wakes up in the middle of the night at the slightest nudge of the bedroom door, because I haven’t outgrown my fear of the people who live behind it. 
I may be a lot of things, but more than anything else, I am caged. Im struggling to redefine myself, to reprogram myself, to lose the conditioning I was given every day of my life. Some days, I like to think that I’ve walked far away enough. But fact remains that at the end of the day I have to turn back, and head back to my charade of a home. 
And that is the true meaning of being trapped. 

Stars Go Very Far 

Stars Go Very Far

When I was a girl

I hoped that one day I would be with someone 

Who would fight for me

Who would make everything better 

Instead, I found someone 

Who stood by me

While I fought for myself 

While I made everything better 

And I’m happier 

Than I ever could have imagined 

And stronger 

Than maybe I ever was before 

After all these years 

Of relentless hoping 

I’ve been given so much more 

Than I ever wished for. 



Day Six- For When The Bottom Falls Out 

Sometimes, courage keeps you going. Other times, you’re a stubborn jackass and you refuse to let anyone get the better of you. 
Either way, keep climbing. 
(There’s always cookies at the top!)
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Day Five- Circumstances, Coffee, and Second Chances 

Day Five of NaPoWriMo! 🙂 

Between trying to be more instagram friendly and less technology repellent, I fell asleep before I could post here- oops. On the bright side, I can now do this- ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Stars everywhere. How awesome is that! 😀 

My long love affair with coffee is still running strong. What’s one thing that makes you feel better instantly? 

Love ❤️