The Art Of Unlearning – NaPoWriMo is here again! 


Aaaand it’s back! For my first post for this year’s NaPoWriMo, here’s a collaboration I did with a poet who writes in visions. I’m a huge fan, so you can imagine, I fangirled a wee bit at this opportunity. 
28 more days to go! As they say, let the games begin! 😀 



I loved you
Like I should have loved myself
In sickness and in health
In loss, and in pain
I loved you, when
I should have been loving myself
Again, and again
And again
-That was my strength
That was my spine
I loved you, and you loved you
And that was fine, really
Except that neglect set in
When I forgot me
And I’m empty now, like a lost thought
A vacant lot
And I don’t like it
I’m changing the rules a bit

I’ll love you infinitely
Obscenely, irrationally
When you deserve it, though
Earn it
Learn it
Give me reason to make it true
Because I do love you
But I need to spend some time
Loving me, too


Waters -XLII-



Do not trouble me with
your eddies
With your ever ready
Attempts at
Turning my tide
Brewing storms, or
Your petty outbursts
Of rage
You cannot turn me

I am the ocean
You are a wave

‘Messages Off a Cigarette’



I’m a greedy person
There’s no denying it
No shame, either
I like my money
I’m a keeper
Sure, I’ll spend
Lavishly, if need be
But as a rule, I’m

I won’t track pennies
-I’ll save pounds
My financial sense is
Extremely sound
I will unabashedly
Invest in Gucci
instead of a handful of handbags
On high street
But that’s me

That was till you, though
Money’s nothing but
Paper, anymore
I honestly never had a
‘shopping rush’
But I get it when I can
Buy you stuff
I want to earn
And spend it on you
Because there lies the value
Dollars come and go
Nowadays, I could care less
But your smile?
That glow of delight?
Now that’s priceless


Day Seven of NaPoWriMo! The prompt was to write about something to do with money. 🙂

Cheers To The Morning -Day Six

Cheers To the Morning

It should’ve been morning, when I wrote this

It should’ve been morning when I wrote this
With fluttering curtains and chirping birds, sun kissed
Leaves pattering against the window pains, yes
It should’ve been morning, when I wrote this

But morning’s too far away to see
Midnight’s just left its tracks on me
The moon is inching across the sky
Watching my stasis mockingly

My stasis, my stagnation, my descent
Into a cyclic routine, spent
Midway through coffee and alcohol
Between bright lights and brick walls

Half a maddened run
Half a hopeless crawl

There is no time left in that clock
There are no paths here- where I walk
Is fixed in place, a carousel, and
that sweet music is my own Hell

I am a song stuck on repeat
Overachiever, under-replete
Defeat, beat, probably incomplete
Sleep deprived, so here I am
In the street

It should’ve been morning when I wrote this
I should’ve had a lover, a blanket, a kiss
Instead I got whiskey and a person to miss
Streetlight, starry night, some drunk taking a piss
It should’ve been morning when I wrote this

It should’ve been morning when I wrote this


Day 6 of napowrimo! I didn’t feel like writing something lovey dovey, so here’s a grimmer one.

Make sure you have a smashing day though. No grim for you!

Cookie ❤



No, it’s not that cursed
Four letter word
I refuse to use it
The first choice of dimwits
And artists everywhere
Overused and tired and
Stripped bare from
Too much analysis poured into
An emotion

So no, it’s not that
It’s not ‘just’ that
It’s a galaxy
Like trying to contain the Universe
In a pot of tea
Or get a volcano to erupt
Inside a fridge
A ridiculous, fruitless effort
Is what it is

Some day though
When they make a word
That sums up all the sounds
In the world
All the fragrances on your skin and
All the gleams in your eye
All the meanings and tastes and
Textures and adventures
I find in your valleys and highs
When they find a word
To do all of it
I’ll do it
I’ll tell you

I *fill-in-the-blank* you


Day Three- Limerickety


A woman whose pants were too tight
Decided to go on a diet
She stopped eating cake
But couldn’t lose weight
Because of her huge appetite

She ate donuts and jelly rolls
For breakfast she swallowed them whole
But to be more healthy
She switched to Diet Pepsi
To lessen the calorie toll

She did the same thing with big steaks
For lunch she ate them, with huge baked
Potatoes, and laughed
At her salad eating staff
And said that their health was just ‘faked’

But despite her thin shaming rants
The pounds didn’t come off in a glance
She bitched at cachexics
Called them anorexic
In the end, she just bought bigger pants !

Day Three of NaPoWriMo! If you’re stopping by at my blog and you have a post of your own, please do link me!

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Look to the rushes
In the soft murmurs
At the mouth of river
Where the fishes
Sleep, lazy in the
Sun warmed water
In the hollow reeds, look
Look to the grass
Bending to the caress of the breeze
And you will see

Look to the ocean
Raging, roaring to shores
Another time, stealing placidly
To apologize
For tidal anger of
The night before
Look in the mornings
Where the dew drops are
Lost in the rain
Even though the lilies adore
Them both, equally,
Look, mute observer, into the dew drops
They are never really lost
And you will see

I am everywhere
In the turn of the wind and
Velvet of the sky
I am reborn a thousand times
For every tear in your eye
I am the silence of words, and
The words of silence
I am a blooming flower’s
And if you still can’t find Me
Look to the stars

For I am Love
I am wherever
You are


NaPoWriMo Day One – And 500 Posts!!!!!!

A Poem of Negation

I will not say that I
Do not love you
That is to say, because
I really do
But the point of a poem
Of negation
Is to say things to say
No to


You do not inspire me
To settle for less than best
You do not make my intestines
Your eyes lack that peculiar
Fish eye dullness, and
You most definitely do not
Taste like liver

You’re not like my pet rat
In loyalty
You likely won’t eat me
When I die
Unless Hannibal influences you
Hmm, he won’t
(I doubt it, but I think
I’ll let my ashes fly)
Oh, and your socks
do not smell like broth,
And I don’t love you as
Much as the sky

(because, more than that)
But I have to say no
Since this is a poem of negation
Just remember- that ‘sky’ thing
Will continue to grow
Not very unlike
Inflation! 😀


Day One of NaPoWriMo- and my third year with it! The prompt asked to use negation, so this is what I did with it.

Also, 500 posts on Calliope’s Lyre. Erhmagerd erhmagerd!!!! You guys are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

Confetti and your very own

Cookie 😀