I’m a bucket with a hole in it
Trying to fit a little ‘whole’ in it
Pouring drink after drink
Into thought, but I leak
Word after word, when I’d
rather not speak
Tear after tear, when I don’t even
Want to see
I’m a bucket with a hole in it
And no amount of alcohol can fill it
Nothing except you can
fill me…

(c) CM



The way I see it, it’s like
You hunger for the world, while
Having had enough of the world, I
Hunger for you instead

But it wouldn’t be right for me
To satisfy my greed, my gluttony
And just feed you my dreams
When you’re starving
Inside your head

So go, go on
Go and have your heart’s fill
Eat what you will
You have the right to an appetite to

I have enough morsels of memory
Hidden away, I can wait till you
return to me
I can live with hunger’s gnawing

(c) CM


A Home For Two

A Home For Two

One day, you and I will be somewhere
An island of thought in
The middle of nowhere
And all around us, the oceans
Will laugh, and stare
Of us two, carving away our place
While the world drifts, unaware
And we’ll live together, you and I, just so
And no one except the silence behind
The stars, will know
That you were there
And I was there

‘Messages Off a Cigarette’


Tonight, I will not listen to you. To anything you say, or the things that you won’t.

Tonight, I will have this dream. Tonight, it’s mine….

Big Unknown

Big Unknown

Why are we so afraid of death?
The idea of a consummate end
Is it the notion of mortality?
The vision of decay, organically
Being reduced into soil, reclaimed
‘back to the earth from when we came’
Or is the threat, that all our strengths
Will be replaced by nothingness?

A man who changed the nation’s tide
A girl who wasn’t anyone’s pride
The father who killed her, and seamlessly lied
But he died, and she died, and he died, and they died

No one walks away from Death
Unless we walk burdened with regret
That, before we knocked on Hell’s door,
We had so much, so much still left
Bucket lists, a big unknown plot twist
One more chance for a lover’s last kiss
Before Death claims us, claims them, claims it all
We fight, gnashing and struggling, flailing our fists

We all must go, one day, into the big unknown
Where Heaven, Hell, and Afterlife, or
Reincarnation are sown
Figments of the imagination, or the ultimate truth, either way
Leave nothing undone to regret, when d
Death calls you away

Completion is the antidote to our fragile mortality
People who walked years ago, are gone but we still see
Images and remnants, history and memory
In our brief existence, we may build immortality


A Glass Past Midnight

A Glass Past Midnight

Sitting alone, in the dark
Twisted in thoughts, thinking, thinking,
Cigarette after cigarette
keeps burning,
I’m not even aware
Of their passing, except for
The flash of surprise
With yet another flare

Alone in the dark, under a blank sky,
Tonight, even God doesn’t care

My mind aches for whiskey
So much that it hurts me
Throat already stinging
In anticipation
Of the impending
self immolation
And I would reach for the nearest
Bottle, for a refill
If I truly believed
That it would save me
But at the bottom of my empty heart,
And my empty glass,
I know

I can fill the spirits up again
And again
But there’s no ‘up’ left
For my spirit to go




There are some people
That make you fall in love with them
-that’s generally how the world works

Then there are others who
Make you fall in love with yourself
See now, that’s a quirk
that probably
One in seven hundred billion get to see
(infinitely better, get to be
lucky little clover that I am
that’s me


You make me a better person just by being who you are. I don’t know how that’s even possible, but you make me believe, actually believe, that something good could be out there for me, for us, in the future.

How do I even thank you for that?

Love and light,