I wrote something for you
But I left it
Inside my head
Not because I didn’t want it
To be read
But because you’d see it with
‘there she goes,
Writing about me again’
So I thought, this one?
I’ll leave it unsaid

Because these words
Are for you
You’ll skip this post
you’ll see me, and realize
That I left the meanings
So that you’d read the volumes
In my eyes
I could care less
As long as you understand, that
you leave me breathless
Formless, aimless
That you leave me




There were nights
When the moon was full
The sky was oceans behind the stars
Aeons of answers
Trapped in morse code
The cricket’s song
Was the meaning of life
Understood only
By those who know
There were nights
When the richness of the world

Senses alight, I could bloom
Like a wisp, like mist,
I flew to fall
And fly again
Into the speaking dark
Unfettered, unafraid
Uncaught, unbound
Trapped in a person
I was just the sea
And the tides made me feel
But now I see
The tides were just ripples
Within revolutions

There is a universe
Inside me


Until Dawn

Until Dawn

My lips wander over your skin
Tracing paths that I had forgotten
Reclaiming, the hollows
The lush softness that
Would lead a saint astray
-you’ve been mine, one more day

I’m torn in this moment
Do I celebrate our joining
Or dread the uncertain dawn?
Who is to say that, when sunset comes
You or I won’t be gone?
But while my drugged mind is thinking
Your fingers have not stopped moving
And my questing lips wander on
Temptation wins- tomorrow is
Simply an empty day
And I will spend it
exploring your senses with mine
In every way
Like I will tonight

Until dawn


Diamonds -III-


Some people reflect
In introspection
But you reflect
As the ultimate deflection
People see you, and you let them
See themselves
-and no one can tell
That it’s a wall
You created it all
So that they couldn’t look through

But I knew
At first sight
That you’re really a gem
you can’t hide how precious you are from me

I see you