XLV- We Have a Problem


We Have a Problem

Seems inadequate
And complete
Feels incomplete
Is passable
And while infinite
Is neat
The problem is definable
You’re a little indescribable
So I have to bend
Borrow, and steal
Meanings, otherwise
But because I know
What I know
They’re rendered obsolete

So then
What do I do?
What words can I use, in any language
For you?

‘Messages Off a Cigarette’

Ohh… I am just a fool in love. :p

A Little Talk

A Little Talk

I struggle with words
-no, it’s true
I’m verbose, loquacious and
You don’t like me saying it
Because the other ways of
Conveying it
Suit you
And sometimes, it feels strange
To have a love, that can’t bear to hear
It’s own name
To acknowledge its own existence
Sometimes, I wonder if it’s shame
Or pride
Or indifference
None of this makes much sense now
But the hesitation that hits
When I swallow the words down?
Kicks my heart aground
A little bit deeper every time

Speaking isn’t our thing, I guess
I’ll just stick to rhymes




I loved you
Like I should have loved myself
In sickness and in health
In loss, and in pain
I loved you, when
I should have been loving myself
Again, and again
And again
-That was my strength
That was my spine
I loved you, and you loved you
And that was fine, really
Except that neglect set in
When I forgot me
And I’m empty now, like a lost thought
A vacant lot
And I don’t like it
I’m changing the rules a bit

I’ll love you infinitely
Obscenely, irrationally
When you deserve it, though
Earn it
Learn it
Give me reason to make it true
Because I do love you
But I need to spend some time
Loving me, too