Half By Dream 


 Half By Dream

I know you by the shape of your sighs

By the reds of your skies 

I’ve known you, 

You don’t speak and I listen

I know you, by the smell of your skin 
By the touch of your voice, I know you

There are timbers that hang in the air 

Flakes of the sun dispersed everywhere

By the golden in your laugh I know you 

As if your heart was laid on mine, and both

Were bare
I know you as if you were bared 
Exposed to the elements, revealed, unveiled 

The motes of dust spiral in physical symphony

Glimpses of the night, embedded galaxies 

In the quiets of your storms, unseen hitherto

As if you were black and white, I know you 
In the mark of every touch you’ve laid on me

In every disheveled morning we’ve woken up to see 

In every scar and every secret I have show you 

In everything I have ever known

I know you 





To a man who fell in love with the ocean 

There is nothing but promise, in the waves 

Immersion and supplication are the same

The shore is unsatisfying safe  

To be one, to be undone in the sea 

To love, to be loved, to be free 

The waters’ depths stir visions 

Only a lover’s eyes can see  

Maelstroms of madness and faith 

Storms are not fury, but passion 

The clouds are castles, cathedrals- not wraiths 

The darker the sky, the more looser 

The inhibitions 

The winds toss and writhe restlessly 

A man who falls in love with the ocean 

Can look past the destruction, to beauty

Horizons are milestones, sunsets, sunrise  

Stars are encrypted words

To scream from the edge of the decaying cliffs 

Torn in self doubt, if the ocean has even 

Even heard 

Answers… Cannot be wrested 

Capricious, she may answer, yet silently 

He cannot breach the surface

He cannot reach, touch her face 

For he must breathe 

Drown if he must, but that is all the fulfillment 

A man who fell in love  

Will get, from loving the sea 




Five Parts of Her


Those who have known imprisonment, know
Freedom can be found even in a flower

And you wonder why I love rain


We were not reared in shade, in gardens
This desert has bred
Wild children


I walk in dreams, where no one sees
Be still; I know where you lie
But you do not know
My lies


They trapped her soul in the
Heart of a diamond
She sparkled like a star, and yet
They found flaws in her


This night sky stretches on like a lost ocean
It seems to me that
I am doomed to drown tonight

Five Parts of Her’


Why don’t they sing of
moonlight madness?
Of clutching your hair, swaying
In the impenetrable darkness, below
A black sky, heedless
Of the wet grass, of your wayward steps
Driven utterly feckless by
The music of the hollow eyed
Starving night
This must be how the sirens learnt their wailing
Crooning dumbstruck sailors to their doom

Look, my hands are empty and
My blind eyes overflowing, yet
My feet follow some unknown tune
Thrumming in my veins, my bones
This song of a sky with no moon



Of Madnesses- II

There are nights when you question your sanity 

There are moments when you question reality 

Blink once if you let sadness into your head

Blink twice if you let madness take you to bed 

And laugh, if they both fucked you in duality 
Crucified by your own thoughts, 

And by your own words, lynched
See, the problem is 

Windows of the mind open temporarily 

But doors get broken down 
That’s why people come unhinged 

‘Of Madnesses- II’


Of Madnesses 

The world came full circle 

Three hours past midnight

My heart grew full as the

Moon grew empty, and all

Semblance of reason shrunk away, contrite 

There is no one to hide behind

There is no one at this time

There is no one 

This is why I drink the nights away 

This is why I write


Isn’t seeing things 
It’s opening your eyes

And seeing yourself 

‘Of Madnesses’