Another restless night
Too many words, not enough coherence to write
Condolences to somnolence, insolence to shut eyed
Indolence, this impudence, ambivalence, outright
Defiance, to every effort painstakingly contrived
To write, to write, to write!

Depart me my reason, reject all these claims
Descensions into insanity do not deserve to be- Proclaimed!
Exultant, victorious, come
Look at me
The babble pours forth in bubbling nonsense
Loquacious- look, I am crazy!
I see, I see, I see
Books like headless angels flapping around me
Rooftops in the darkness, methods to the madness
Vehemences of inspired
One simple minded, self convinced confused woman
Starving on the sustenance of anemic omnipotence

You conspired to inspire me
You forced me to think
You made me cry
All I ever wanted was a quiet moment
You and I
Two moons in the sky
Deprived of that meager solace
Have my raving soliloquy instead
I’m done, I’m almost empty

I wonder


Could I finally




Head Injury





That’s why they call it ‘falling in love’
It tends to smack you in the face
Or make you stumble and dive headfirst
And you notice that the stars above
Are suddenly brighter, the pace
At which the world turns, is slower
The Heavens are lower, within
Your reach, your skin
Is painted, and each
Of the colors
Belong to someone else
The music of the universe
Crescendos and quells
It bruises you, the force
Of your spiritual ascent
Physically, simultaneously,
Expect a descent
Confusion, confabulation
Falling in love, therefore, is
Practically a concussion






I’m a bucket with a hole in it
Trying to fit a little ‘whole’ in it
Pouring drink after drink
Into thought, but I leak
Word after word, when I’d
rather not speak
Tear after tear, when I don’t even
Want to see
I’m a bucket with a hole in it
And no amount of alcohol can fill it
Nothing except you can
fill me…

(c) CM



The way I see it, it’s like
You hunger for the world, while
Having had enough of the world, I
Hunger for you instead

But it wouldn’t be right for me
To satisfy my greed, my gluttony
And just feed you my dreams
When you’re starving
Inside your head

So go, go on
Go and have your heart’s fill
Eat what you will
You have the right to an appetite to

I have enough morsels of memory
Hidden away, I can wait till you
return to me
I can live with hunger’s gnawing

(c) CM


Life, Interrupted -VI-


I fell asleep hugging my pillow
Wearing your shirt
Smiling into the covers
Dreaming all night, of you

Wasn’t the same as having
My head on your chest
Or your arm around me
-but it’ll do

I can sleep peacefully, even with
Just a faint shadow of you

Life, Interrupted