The Melody


The Melody

Tinkling, merry laughter falls
On my ears like wondrous rain
Bubbling like the freshest brook
A chorus of mingled giggles
Trickling through reaches of green grass
Frothing over sharp edged rocks
Swirling eddies round my feet as
I paddle just off the dock

The breeze whistles, nudges, tickles
Teasing reeds, pushes weeds around
And they join me, tripping, falling
Sprawling on the dewy wet ground
Stretching cat like, tapping my feet
With ripples in harmony
All around, the fiddle pipes on
In the sunlit melody

And today, I have it all,
In the dampness of the shade
They all play, they play for me
As if for me this world’s made
And they smile, I smile with them
With ripples in harmony
In the laughter, I hear you too
You complete my melody

© CM

Day 20 of NaPoWriMo!! Just ten more days to go! :D

The Accidental Muse


The Accidental Muse

How do you warp the sun’s rays
To form a nimbus
In broad daylight?
And stay, so completely unaware,
Of how you make everything
Come to life?

How do you gleam, crystalline,
Bring diamonds cascading down
Send bolts of lightning arcing
Through the ground
And stay
So completely unaware
Of the fact that it’s all
Because you are there?

Alter existences, define
The boundaries of the universe,
Parallel realities, realization
Epiphany after epiphany
In seamless continuation

How do you transcend
Mere mortal flesh
And blood
And bone
Not even see how you reconcile
To me
The known, and unknown
And drop by drop,
Irrigate my mind
With a barely stemmed flood
Of reason, madness
Sheer, pure joy

And yet so untarnished, you are
Still you show me wisdom
Older than the stars
You guile and bewitch
Beckon, and confuse

How do you do it,
My accidental muse?

© CM

Day 19 of NaPoWriMo!! :D

If You Had A Booger



*cough cough*

If You Had A Booger

If you had a booger,
I’d wipe it away
I’d laugh, admittedly,
And snort through the day,
Oink and twitch at you,
But I’d wipe it away

If you asked a girl out
And she said she’s bi
I would go hit on her
Just to catch her lie
(How dare she turn you down?
The bitch will die!)

If you’re in a foul mood,
I would get my clown on
Relate fake drunk stories
Pretend I’m a proton
If you sniped, if you griped,
Cheerily, I’d take it,
Even if it hurt me,
For you, love, I’d fake it.

If you killed somebody,
I’d bury the stiff
Give the cops fake witness
And bribe the bailiff
If they cottoned on, I’d
Still be taking your side
And obviously, make up
The perfect alibi

(You know I’m convincing
When I deign to try)

See, it’s all cause you’re you
And I’m me, which means
If we both were zombies
I’d give you my brains
If you went to AA
Even I’d abstain,
And if you puked on me,
I’d ignore the stains

Cause when it’ll all go bust
When the world’s ash and dust
Through love, sickness and lust,
We’ll still remain

© CM

Because we will.

We’ll be friends, through tsunamis and diets, and exams and career changes, through exes and ohhhhs, through every damnable thing the world will throw at us.

We’ll still talk the same, we’ll still be the same. We will change, change is unavoidable, but we’ll change in the same way. The days come and go good, bad, and horrid. But there’ll never be a time I won’t squish hug you. There’ll never be a time when I won’t love you. I’ll always be that one soft corner for you to turn to, even when your world is at its harshest. I’m tortured and slightly deranged and quirky and lovable helping of nuts, but you know that and love me anyway, and how I love thee.

Hashish, Hayley, Madsies, Salface, Atit, Frohan, Kenny mah boy, Dr. Bard… Thank you. For everything we’ve done and said and been, and for everything to come, too.

And you, especially you.

(Yes you, idiot)

You’re the miracle in me. <3

All my love,

Cookie <3

The Refrain


The Refrain

Voices, voices, waves of whispers,
Murmurs bellow, spell disdain
Command focus, ask for replies
Demand attention in refrains

Salty tears beg for placation,
Silver coppery laughs ring loud
Adamantine edges glimmer
Lurk in sardonic hints, proud

Avalanche like multitudes of
Sounds and words and threats and calls
Pound and hurt and thread and tangle
Tide and crest and ebb and fall

I’ve lived hours and days through this
To know without a shadow of doubt
It’s possible to be achingly lonely
In the midst of a screaming crowd

© CM

Day Seventeen!

Today’s prompt asked us to write about anything, but describe it using at least 3 senses.

Hope y’all like it! :)


Cookie <3

Too Twit to Who


Too Twit to Who

I hate, I hate your wicked grin,
The one you save special for me
I abso-LUTE-ly loathe your laugh,
It makes me squirm, especially

Reminiscent of buckets o’ worms,
Squiggling over me when we hug,
The parallel fits pretty aptly,
Everyone knows that you love bugs

(And we’re not so hush, apparently,
Your indifference’s out for the world to see)

I’m an accomplished, bare faced liar
I’ll sing you a table, ‘maze you a mire
Puzzle, confuzzle you, but I should say,
I blame it aaaalll on the prompt today.

© CM

Day Sixteen of Napowrimo! All lies, it’s aaaalll lies!! :D


Cookie <3




I knew that I would
Corrosive touches, flaying
Inside out
I held a good acquaintance
With melancholy
I endured

I had the measure of
Aimless days
I slept, I woke, on repeat
I did not seek,
I did not pray
I pacified myself
Thinking that it was all Life had,
To give

And then, you touched me
And I knew

What it truly was
To live

© CM




The moon never ceases to
inspire me
Its luminescence
Its undeniable pull
Compelling me
It singularly focuses
All my attention
It will not be denied

Pale, silvery orb of dreams
Fixed in the center
Of the midnight blue sky

I suppose the only time
I can tear my gaze
And my thoughts
Is when your magnetic field
And I tide to you instead

But with you,
Even more lit
From within,
Am I


Day Fourteen of NaPoWriMo! And almost halfway through the month, I hit 200 posts on Calliope’s Lyre!

Supermegasquishtacklehugs all around!!!!!

Buckets o’ love,

Cookie <3