The Little Things


The Little Things

I wonder if we’ll ever share a bed

If we’ll argue about which lights to leave on, overhead

If we’ll make lunch together, and debate the seasonings

Over who’s doing the laundry, or leaving the window open

Rummage around holding phones, looking for runaway pens

Take turns taking the trash out, decide which wine we’re ordering

If you’re doing the drying, when I’m doing the washing

If we’re going out for dinner, or just watching the game and drinking

I’ve followed your footsteps, sifting
through the fallen leaves

Gathering eternal love

Will I ever get to gather the little things?




Where we’re concerned
The term
‘Static electricity’
Is a misnomer
The sparks just fly
Between you and me
Singeing the air
Generating EMPs
Of immeasurable
We’re nuclear
You’re a weapon of my destruction
My W.M.D

We don’t move closer
So maybe
That’s ‘static’
But the atmosphere
Around us
Is always charged


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