Last Breath


Last Breath

I wished for you

I wished I could have you,
All to myself
For now, for ever,
The way you could have me
If you deigned to
If you cared to
If you cared
And I wished on,
Too scared to let you go
Too scared to let go
Too scared

And it’s night again, and I’m alone
I’m still staring
At the damned phone
Waiting for a beep, a call
A lost message
Anything at all
It’s been hours
and I’m torn
This time you won’t
This time you’re gone
I’m praying desperately
But the minutes drag on
And I’m trying to make it through
With my last breaths

I wish that wishes would come true
But I know
They don’t

I had wished for you…

© CM




Could I love you, with
A sense of being stabbed
With a dull blade
And again
With a growing, gnawing
As if to broken, dragging
Could I love you, when
All the remnants of my pride
Urge me
to lash out
In defiance?

What then, when,
You cannot touch me anymore?
When reticence bleeds out
Leaving glassy eyes
Lacking that spark
from before
Is it revulsion
What am I to think,
As your features grimace
When my warmth attempts
To approach you
My ice statue,
How could I not

Trapped in morbid
Imprisoned in this
Confusing love
What will I do
It’s a realization
With the delicacy
Of a tornado
Or a tidal wave

I’ll never know
If I’ll have you
A moment
More than today

That has been the answer
I suppose
From the very start
I will love you
And keep doing so
No matter what

© CM




One foot edged in front of the other
Trip, the rocks skid and go skittering
Slip on the wet moss, skate over the shale
And all the hidden birds are tittering
Look at the wild, blind one
Awash and dithering
Stumbling upright,
When you’re meant to crawl
Like the blue worms, the beetles,
the baleful owls hoot,
You’ll only ever be able to hear
the sounds of the night
If you’re ready to forget
To fall

And when the fireflies set the dark trees
Under the damp bushes, in the pale moonlight
Come and listen
To the sounds of the night

© CM


All For Me


All For Me

The house next door
A hunched over tree
These are the every day sights I see
Nothing special
Nothing magical, really

But when it rains, and
the storm begins?
And rivulets soak me through
to my skin
The world is painted
in silver and blue
And I dance in the lightning,
I dance
as if
with you,
As if
at the center
Of a thunder tossed sea

And it’s all for me
It’s all for me

© CM



I love you

Like the Cookie Monster loves his Cookies
Like lawyers love their exorbitant fees
(or therapists, for that matter,
they’re the same)
I’d say I’m sure
I love you more
than tabloids love their sleaze

OR government employees, their pension
More than doctors love hypertension
(scribble some pills and slap
a bill
Then lecture on prevention)

It’s like I’m Ayers, you’re my rock
Like hippies gravitate to Woodstock
We’re Keith and Jagger, in the
Rolling Stones
Butter and jam inside a scone
Heck, I’d even be Kirk and trek the Star Trek
(You’re always going to be my Spock)

And it’s magical, how comical
and synergistic we are
Simplistic but yet mystical
You and I, we’re fairly bizarre
(And no, I’m not saying that just ’cause
you steal all my cigars)

I love you, and not just ’cause you’re
my best friend
It’s cause who you are, and who I am,
Just blend
So seamlessly
You’re the salt in the sea that’s me
The stars in my galaxy
And we both know

Outer space
Never ends

©CM for AMA


Happy Birthday, to the single most important person in my life. There will never be a day when I won’t want to tell you that I love you.

Happy Birthday!!! :D




I have the curse of restlessness
Self flagellating

A delusion, that
Could alleviate
My suffering

So I write,
And I write
I try to write my mind
Into nothing
Maybe I could smoke it
If not that, turn
To drinking

I won’t lie
It is respite
A short lived relief
From thinking
But no one quiets me
Quite like you do
When you make our
Do all the talking

On those rare days

You simply take
My words


Actions.. speak louder than words? I’d agree with that. ;-)

Lotsa hugs, lotsa wuvs,

Cookie <3