The Other Side

The Other Side

What’s it like
To be on the other side?

To be the center of someone’s existence
To have someone love you so much
Well past common sense
Into insanity

To glow so bright
That you blot out all light
Are you aware of
The intensity?

Is that why you only let me
love you through windows

Are you afraid
Of burning me?


Milestone No. 333



Milestone No. 333


I don’t know what we did
That drunken night
Think that I sat on the sidewalk and cried

Words, so many words
None of which made sense
My anger and your arrogance
Your relentless pursuit of

And it’ll take a long time to accept
That we won’t belong together anymore,
but at least I had you before
Milestone number 333
Where I buried my heart and came away

Now I just carry
A piece of that tombstone shaped rock in me


© CM