Being Today 

Today, I’m gloriously blue. Like the sky, like the book open in front of me, a little bit like the flowers in the corner. 
What are you today? 



To a man who fell in love with the ocean 

There is nothing but promise, in the waves 

Immersion and supplication are the same

The shore is unsatisfying safe  

To be one, to be undone in the sea 

To love, to be loved, to be free 

The waters’ depths stir visions 

Only a lover’s eyes can see  

Maelstroms of madness and faith 

Storms are not fury, but passion 

The clouds are castles, cathedrals- not wraiths 

The darker the sky, the more looser 

The inhibitions 

The winds toss and writhe restlessly 

A man who falls in love with the ocean 

Can look past the destruction, to beauty

Horizons are milestones, sunsets, sunrise  

Stars are encrypted words

To scream from the edge of the decaying cliffs 

Torn in self doubt, if the ocean has even 

Even heard 

Answers… Cannot be wrested 

Capricious, she may answer, yet silently 

He cannot breach the surface

He cannot reach, touch her face 

For he must breathe 

Drown if he must, but that is all the fulfillment 

A man who fell in love  

Will get, from loving the sea 






I wonder about the inherent lunacy
Of letting the moon reason with me
She’s too convincing, just like you
And drew me out
In abject fallacy
You ravage me, and she ravishes me
Which is why my nights are a
Trial, of remembering to forget
All the things I wished you’d say, and
All the things I say,
that I regret
While we still wade through the
Murky waters, of
All left unsaid
We still get along swimmingly, though
Let’s face it
My madness is an bottomless ocean, and
We both want to get wet




Bring the tide in back to me
I want to get my feet wet, one more time
Before it recedes to
The recesses of the ocean
The moon won’t leave me signs
She stranded me on an empty shore, and
My bones are dry, my face is salt
I walk, and walk, in paces faltering
Waiting for the ocean, he isn’t
And I’m almost lost, I want
To see him, before I melt
One last time, bring back the tide
I want to get my heart wet